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Free Books » Meyer, Frederick Brotherton » Calvary to Pentecost

Calvary to Pentecost by Meyer, Frederick Brotherton

FROM THE PREFACE: "I have chosen you out of the world," the Master said. And again, "They are not of the world." This is the true position of every member of His mystical body-the Church. In the purpose of God, we have passed out of the world which rejected our Lord, and belong to that in which He is supreme.  We are not oblivious to the needs of the world which He so loved and loves. Its sorrows and sins lie near our heart; its call for help, like the piteous cry of sailors from a wreck, is ever in our ears; its needs call out our most strenuous energies. But we do not belong to it. We enter it constantly, to be its salt and light; but our true stand­ing is without it, where Jesus is. We need, then, to understand and em­brace the principles of the Risen and Ascended Life, which dates from the cross, as its dawn, and climbs in glorious gradations towards the meridian of a day that can never be shadowed by night. Some of these principles are expounded in the following pages.