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Free Books » Bonar, Horatius » Light & Truth: The Gospels

Chapter 20 - Matthew 22:42 - The Things Touching the King Light & Truth: The Gospels by Bonar, Horatius




The Things Touching The King.


"What think ye of Christ?-Matthew 22:42.



     The Lord's question here was specially meant for Jews. They were expecting Messiah, the Christ; studying Scripture to know what had been written of Him; and so our Lord asks, What is your opinion of the Christ? Is it according to the Scriptures? Are you of one mind with Moses, with David, with the prophets, with God himself, concerning Him?

     This was Christ's question to the Jews; it is his question to us in these last days.

     What are your views on the points connected with Jesus of Nazareth? Are they true or false? scriptural or unscriptural?

     1. As to his person. Is He God to you? Is he man to you? Son of God and Son of man?-Immanuel? the Word made flesh? God manifest in flesh?

     2. As to his work. Is it to you the work of a sin-bearer? Is it finished? And are you enjoying it as finished or only half finished? His blood, his righteousness, his cross, what are they to you?

     3. As to his kingdom. Is it a righteous yet also a glorious kingdom to you? Do you understand the mode and the terms of entrance? the new birth, and simple faith in the King?

     On these three great points are your views right or wrong? Are you of one mind with God as to each of them? To be of one mind with God is faith; not to be of one mind is unbelief. Naturally we are wrong on these points. The Scripture, through the teaching of the Holy Ghost, sets us right.

     1. Is thy understanding right as to these things? Dost thou know them?

     2. Is thy heart tight as to them? Dost thou feel them? Hast thou not only got hold of them, but have they got hold of thee?

     3. Is thy life right as to them? Art thou a better, truer, holier, and more earnest man because of them l Is thy whole life, thy whole being, outer and inner, molded by them? Or are there still other influences working more powerfully than these? If thy understanding and heart have received these, then thy life will shew this. There will be fruit unto holiness. The truth, the joy, the light will shine through thee, and shine out from thee, on all around.

     What then think ye of Christ? Is He such as you can love and trust?

     1. As a Saviour. Is He the Saviour that suits thee? And dost thou appreciate his great salvation? Are you glad to have Him for your Saviour? Or have you any fault to find with Him as such? Would some change in his person or work have made Him more suitable?

     2. As a friend. Is He the friend you need? Is his the friendship, the kind of friendship, that suits your circumstances, your feelings, your temperament? Is his the kind of sympathy, and counsel, and wisdom, which you feel you need from a friend?

     3. As an advocate. You need intercession; one to plead for you. Does his advocacy suit you? Can you trust Him with your case? Can you put everything in his hands, that He may manage all your concerns for you? Do you see how successful He has been with every case He has undertaken; not losing one; and can you trust Him with yours;-his skill, wisdom, love, argument, eloquence? Is Jesus Christ the righteous, just the kind of advocate you need? and are you just the client for such an advocate?

     4. As a King. Is He just such a King as you should like,-as suits you,-as suits this earth,-as suits the universe? And what say you to Him as a Judge? You that shall never come into condemnation, do you enjoy the thought of Him as the Judge? You that are still under condemnation, what think ye of Him as a Judge? What do you say to his being your Judge? What think ye of standing before Him and giving in your account to Him?

     What think ye of Christ? Do you say, "I think Him the chief among ten thousand"?-It is well. Do you say, I know not what to think? Ah, take heed, there is something wrong within you, if not all wrong together. Do you give no answer? It matters not. We shall soon find it out. By the company you keep; the books you read; the way in which you lay out your talents and time and money; the way you transact business; your dealings in the market; your conduct at home; your letters and correspondence; your conversation with neighbors;-by these we shall find out what you think of Him.