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Free Books » Bonar, Horatius » Light & Truth: The Gospels

Chapter 30 - Mark 6:6 - Jesus Wondering at Man's Unbelief Light & Truth: The Gospels by Bonar, Horatius




Jesus Wondering At Man's Unbelief.


"And he marveled because of their unbelief."-Mark 6:6.



     I. Who marveled? It was the Son of God.  Man's marveling may not be much worth; but Christ's has a deep meaning. His estimate was correct. He did not marvel amiss. It is not said that He grieved or was angry; but He marveled! It was a sore disappointment. He came seeking fruit and found none.

     II. At whom did He marvel? At the men of Galilee. He had been brought up among them, and they knew Him well. He had done most of his miracles there; spoken most of his gracious words there.  But He came to his own, and his own received Him not.  No wonder that He marveled.

     III. At what did He marvel? Not at their sins, their blasphemies, their profligacies; but at their unbelief. He did not marvel at the disease, but He marveled at their rejection of the physician and his medicine; not at their being lost, but at their refusal to be saved.

     But why at their unbelief? The unbelief of any poor sinner was a thing to be marveled at,-how much more their unbelief? Their unbelief of what? His power and love! Why? Because,

     (1) It was so unreasonable. He had done every thing to remove or prevent it. He had given them the fullest evidence of his divine errand, and of the truth of his words. Their unbelief then, was truly without a cause,-without excuse or palliation, altogether foolish. "If I say me truth, why do ye not believe me"?

     (2) It was so unkind. He had gone out and in among them for so many years. He had spent and been spent for them. He had loved them, yearned over them, invited them; but they would not believe. He had raised their dead, healed their sick, given sight to their blind, fed their multitudes; yet they would not believe! How unkind!

     (3) It was so sinful. To refuse the Son of God! To treat his miracles as if they were tricks, and his words as if they were lies, and Himself as if He were an impostor! Unbelief does all this. Must it not be the sin of sins?

     (4) It was so unprofitable. They made nothing by it. It did them no good. It was a useless provocation of God, to say the least of it. It was like children preferring toys to gold. Oh the folly of unbelief! Oh its unprofitableness!

     (5) It was so dangerous. It put away present peace and love. It made them miserable here. But it also treasured up wrath for them. It set God against them for rejecting his Son. It was the throwing away of everlasting life. It was the deliberate choice of hell for their portion.  No wonder that he marveled.

     (6) It was so willful. This sums up the whole. Their unbelief was a deliberate rejection of Christ and his Messiahship. They did it freely, of their own will and choice, no one compelling. No wonder that Jesus marveled at their unbelief!

     1. Sinner, Jesus marvels at your unbelief. He wonders that you should prefer the world to Him; death to life; hell to heaven!

     2. Anxious soul, Jesus marvels at your unbelief. It is your unbelief that is keeping you from peace; and what reason can you give for it? for refusing to believe the record? Jesus marvels at your darkness,-your doubts,-your distrust.

     3. Backslider, Jesus marvels at your unbelief. Unbelief is the root of backsliding. It is the evil heart of unbelief rising up again. He says, Return ye backsliding children, for I am married unto you.

     4. Believer, Jesus marvels at your unbelief. For is there not more unbelief than faith in you? With such a Saviour should you ever doubt at all?  O slow of heart to believe all that the Lord hath spoken. We believe but a little; we are contented with that little. What different men should we be if we believed all! All the things concerning Him, his first coming and his second!