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Free Books » Bonar, Horatius » Light & Truth: The Gospels

Chapter 74 - John 12:46 - Light for the World's Darkness Light & Truth: The Gospels by Bonar, Horatius




Light For The World's Darkness.


"I am come a light into the world; that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness."-John 12:46.



     It is Christ who is the speaker. He speaks of two things: of Himself, and of our world.  Let us hear what He has to tell us concerning both.

     I. Our world is dark. God did not make it so at first. He said, Let there be light. But man has darkened it; Satan has darkened it; sin has darkened it. Every soul in it is darkness. Night is in all, and over all.

     (1.) It is the darkness of sleet. The sleeper sees not the light. He may dream that he sees it, but that is all. His eyes are closed.

     (2.) It is the darkness of death. Life has left the limbs and organs; and with life all light has fled. Darkness reigns.

     (3.) It is the darkness of the tomb. This is the very death of death. Buried beneath the earth, the darkness is doubled.

     (4.) It is the darkness of Satan. He is the ruler of the darkness of this world; and of this darkness we are partakers.

     (5.) It is the darkness of hell. Our world is an earnest of the blackness of darkness forever. Little as men believe it, it is the shadow of hell that covers our earth, and it is a part of hell itself that fills the sinner's soul.

Such is our world's darkness. Such is the condition of each sinner's soul. How sad, how terrible!

     II. There is light for it. Deep as the darkness is, it is not hopeless. There is enough of light in God and in heaven yet. Light has not been quenched throughout the universe though driven from our world. Darkness is wide, but it is not universal. The report has come to us of light. And this is good news. There is light.

     III. This light has come. It is not afar off; but nigh. Not in heaven merely; it has come down to earth. Oh, what an arrival! The richest freight that ever reached our shores! The gospel announces not light merely, but its arrival. It has come! He himself has said, "I am come."

     IV. Christ is the light. He is the brightness of Jehovah's glory; the true light; the sun of righteousness; the daystar; the bright and morning star. All the light of Godhead is centered in him. All the light of heaven; all the light of the universe is gathered into him. He has come to be the light of the world.  He is the alpha and omega of the Bible, which is the one book of light. He is the light of the world in three ways:

     (1.) Because of what he shews us of the Father. He is the revealer of the Father, and of the Fathers love and holiness; as such, He is the dispeller of the clouds that have long rested over earth, hiding the face of God. The glory of Godhead is embodied in Him, and shines forth from Him to us; and He that hath seen Him hath seen the Father.

     (2.) Because of what He does to us. He pardons, heals, comforts, blesses, saves. As the Saviour, He is our light. As the Christ of God, He is our light. As Prophet, Priest, and King He is our light.

     (3.) Because of what He is yet to do for our world. When He comes again He shall be fully known as the world's light. Then shall be earth's true morning and noon; till then it is but twilight. His throne shall be the throne of light; his reign shall be the reign of light. All earth shall rejoice in his light.

     V. The way in which the light enters. It is in believing. Not in working or waiting, but in believing. Faith ends the darkness, and lets in the glorious light. Believe in Jesus and all is light. The day breaks and the shadows flee away.

     VI. The freeness and universality of the light. That word "whosoever" is enough to make every sinner feel that the light is for him; that he has liberty to use the light; that he has a right to the light; and his right is that he needs it. The darkness needs the light; so the sinner needs Christ. Nay, and Christ needs the sinner! For the light needs the darkness, else would its glory be wasted.

     Oh, what a glorious gospel do these words of Jesus preach to us. "I am come a light into the world."