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Letters by the Late Francis Ridley Havergal

Author: Francis Ridley Havergal
Publisher: Nisbet and Co
Publish Date: 1886

Surely in Miss Havergal is fulfilled the promise of the Psalm, "His leaf also shall not wither," for even her ordinary letters are preserved and are found to be as full of fragrance as the leaves of the camphor tree. Anything about F.R.H. is interesting to the many lovers of her seraphic song. There are pearls in the streamlets of her correspondence, which ought not to be lost. These letters do not rise to the eminence of the letters of Cowper, and Newton, and others who lived in the golden age, when, as yet, the Penny Post had not infused so much of copper into our correspondence. We have received some precious hints while searching these pages and we feel grateful for them. We should have been sorry to have missed these letters; notwithstanding the small talk which they contain they are infinitely better than many with which biographers stuff out the dreary memoirs which load our shelves.