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The Treasury of David. Volume 7

Author: C. H. Spurgeon
Publisher: Passmore and Alabaster
Publish Date: 1886

All Mr. Spurgeon's friends and admirers will congratulate him upon the completion of the last volume of "The Treasury of David." It was a great undertaking and will be a lasting memorial of his diligence and zeal. No such commentary, for extent, and above all for experimental and practical remarks has heretofore appeared upon the Psalms of David. The increasing interest that has been taken in the work, as volume after volume has appeared, will ensure for this the last of the series a cordial reception; and will we doubt not, increase the demand for the whole. Besides his own original and characteristic exposition of every part, it contains the substance of nearly all that has been written upon the same subject by others, so as to present the whole existing literature of the Psalms in one view. Though the production of years, the same freshness and fervour are continued to its close; and the pleasure and the profit  which the author himself has derived from these studies are a pledge and a promise of what may be expected by those who by reading and prayerful meditation may enter into his labors. As from one treasury of David, Solomon was enabled to erect his magnificent temple with materials collected for his use, so here from the richer treasury of his Psalms, a more enduring temple for prayer and praise has been constructed; nor was the joy at the conclusion of the one more pure and lasting than that at the conclusion of the other. The "Hallelujah!" with which the volume closes, will have an echo in the hearts of thousands both in this life and in the life to come.-G.R.