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Esther Wynne

Author: Emma Jane Wornoise
Publisher: James Clarke and Co. / Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

A love story in which the most prominent personages are three antique spinsters-the three old maids of Netterly-with whom true religion and undefiled is to visit St. Surplice's on Sundays and saints days and to keep themselves unspotted from dissent; also to adore prelates, prebends and pedigrees, and on no account to associate with any creatures who have not some corpuscles of blue blood in their veins. These highly proper persons stand in the relationship of temporal and spiritual pastors and masters to an orphan niece, Esther Wynne, and this "misguided, degenerate girl" has dared to encourage the suit of a young man who is a dissenter and worse still, if worse could be, "a nobody."

Upon these lines our authoress constructs with unexceptionable taste and skill a charming story in which she takes off in an amusing manner the foibles and ignorant bigotry of "ingrain conservatives of the old Tory school". All this, however, is subservient to the writer's purpose of enforcing and illustrating the scriptural injunctions-"Children, obey your parents in the Lord," and "Commit thy way unto the Lord;" wait patiently for him"' and "he shall direct thy steps."