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The Master's Likeness. A School Story for Boys

Author: Joseph Johnson
Publisher: Religious Tract Society
Publish Date: 1886

We have seldom met with a "school story for boys" displaying such high qualities in the author as "The Master's Likeness." He will bespeak and retain the attention of the most mischievous and careless young dog that ever worried a poor usher, by the details of "bolsterings," "grand spreads" in the dormitories, orchard robbings, and jolly larks generally. Yet there runs through all the highest and holiest teaching without any "preachifying." There are some very beautiful illustrations of divine truth in the book, side by side with such cricket news as might have been written by Dr. Grace. The likings of the gentler sex, too, are not ignored; but somebody's brother will lend her the book, so we will pass on to say that we could find a fault if we tried; for the author has in just a sentence or two caricatured what he calls "the Calvinism" of one of his characters. He will, we trust, correct that mistake in future editions which are sure to be called for; for, despite our very small growl, we heartily recommend our friends to have in more senses than one, "The Master's Likeness.'