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Some of the Great Preachers of Wales

Author: Owen Jones
Publisher: Passmore and Alabaster
Publish Date: 1886

It is singular that two books on Welsh preaching should come forth from the press at the same time, each of them with a Jones for its author. Where will you go without meeting with some eminent and useful Jones? Owen Jones, M.A., has produced a very sensible book. One soon perceives that English is not the writer's favorite language; his style is good on the whole, though occasionally cloudy. He supplies a considerable amount of information and in his enthusiasm for his subject puts it in the best possible light. We all know that the Welsh beat all the rest of creation in oratory. Mr. Jones's remarks upon the unction of the old Welsh preachers and that mighty prayerfulness which was their main strength deserve to be written in letters of gold. If this volume contained nothing but the life of Daniel Rowlands, it would be worth all its price. The perusual of that memoir must be quickening to the spirit of every thoughtful reader. We have felt inclined to envy this holy man upon one special point; he would have nothing to do with the management of the church, or the chapel in which it met. He kept himself to his preaching; came in through a door in the back wall of the meeting house and disappeared suddenly when he had done, without being worried with petty quarrels and idle tales. Of course we dare not imitate him in this, for in so doing we should neglect grave duties; but oh, that we could! A man in such a case ought to preach like an angel. Alas! The service of tables and of a great many other things overload some of us, and make us groan for deliverance.