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In the Depths of the Sea

Author: Old Boomerang
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

An entertaining book, by a writer well known to our fellow subjects down below in Australia. Full many "this side up" will welcome Old Boomerang and his queer tales. Seeing that his talk is so much of sailors and unseaworthy ships and their perils, as well as of colonial life and adventures ashore, why did he not dub himself Old Jibboomerang? First and foremost, although he is a great story teller, he is a Christian man and a helper of seamen's Bethels and the Temperance cause. His description of the "Drink Devil" is to our thinking equal to any of John Gough's pictures. We don't know which is fact and which is fiction in the book for O.B. invests all even his "ghost story," with an air of reality that will make his readers anxious to get to the end of his mysterious tale.