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Jacob Boehme: His Life and Teaching. Or, Studies in Theosophy

Author: Hans Lassen Martensen. Translated from the Danish by T. Rhya Evans
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

Here's a nut to crack. Strong teeth and a mighty jaw will be required. Those who can understand all that Boehme has written are greater men than Boehme himself; for we are morally certain that he did not always understand his own lucubrations. In this man's theosophy, sublime crags of granitic darkness bear upon their brows flashes of heavenly light which suffice to intensify the glooms which the reveal. Boehme was a wondrous mystic considering that he was born of poor parents, brought up in ignorance and occupied as a cobbler. Imagination in him was the leading faculty but that was so grandly developed that he became the master of a powerful school of Theosophists, and his works exercised a great influence all through Germany over cultured minds. Few revere this Teutonic Swedenborg at this present hour. Bishop Martensen here restores this extraordinary philosopher as from the tomb of oblivion. There is so much that is profound devout and true about this to Mr. Rhys Evans for translating Dr. Martensen's work. We shall be sorry if any one should become a disciple of Boehme by reading these "studies in Theosophy," and we shall be equally sorry if readers to not find their hearts burning as well as their heads swimming while enjoying these strange pages.