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Afloat, A Story

Author: Mrs. Stanley Leathes
Publisher: J. F. Shaw and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

We feel all "at sea" in describing "Afloat." We felt the horrors coming on as we read the earlier chapters of the story and hoped that old Somnus, or his minister Morpheus would give us a dip in Lethe's fabled stream lest Mrs. Leathes' fabled boat, with little Marigold afloat, should haunt our dreams. We, however, comforted ourself with the reflection that Christian story tellers always illustrate the proverb, "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning," and we persevered to the end and found more to laugh at than to cry over and were not sorry to have spent an hour or two with the writer's queer acquaintances.