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Pearls of Wisdom from the Parables of Christ

Author: A.L.O.E.
Publisher: Morgan and Scott
Publish Date: 1886

A somewhat singular piece of work. The parables are interpreted for Indian readers, and therefore wear a novel charm for Europeans. A.L.O.E. had a special gift in writing for the young, and we thought her well occupied at home; but her great heart bore her over the seas to Hindoostan, and there she shows herself to be the same A.L.O.E. as ever, by doing for the Eastern children the same service as she was want to do for the fair skinned little ones in England. There will be different opinions as to the illustrations; some of them are to be admired, but the same cannot be said of all. These Pearls have a mild radiance of gospel love, such as one expects to see in the precious things of A.L.O.E.