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The Yoke of Christ

Author: Anthony W. Thorold
Publisher: William Isbister
Publish Date: 1886

We have treaties here of unusual interest upon ordinary topics; such as Marriage, Illness, Letter Writing, Friends, Money and the Loss of Friends. If it should seem strange that these should come under the title of "The Yoke of Christ," as none of them, with the exception of friendship, are directly exemplified in Him, the explanation will be found to be in the endeavor to show what should be the influence of the religion of Jesus upon all these departments of social life. It is not every one in so high a position who would condescend thus publicly to give advice derived from personal observation and experience in relation to subjects upon which the welfare of society in general depends. There have been numerous treaties upon these subjects, but few if any in which so much practical wisdom has been displayed, and so many questions of religious casuistry in relation to them have been so ably and prudently solved. It is here seen what genuine Christianity can to do regulate the duties and alleviate the burdens of this life; and that it has the promise of the life that now is as well as of that which is to come.