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The Life of William Carey

Author: George Smith
Publisher: John Murray
Publish Date: 1886

William Carey has at last arisen from the grave into which his son Eustace cast his memory. That many adjectived worthy piled a vast heap of letters over his father's coffin and called it a "biography." Never was so deadly a "life" ever presented to the public. Dr. Smith writes in the happiest style. When low with weakness, we read his pages with pleasure and felt our heart glow with interest. He is solid, accurate, and profound; and withal gracious, appreciative, and clear. The Serampore mistake is wisely treated. As for Carey, he rises before us in growing majesty. He believed in God like another Abraham and thus he walked among his fellows a prince, whom they were compelled to honor, though they could not decipher the roll of his descent. Each succeeding century will add new luster to "the consecrated cobbler." Already Baptists should prepare to keep his centenary at Kettering and all who love missions should be eager to join them in it. Dr. Smith has our profound gratitude for this invaluable volume. All our brethren should furnish themselves with it and enjoy the rich feast provided for them.