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Kenneth McAlpine; A Tale of Mountain, Moorland, and Sea

Author: Gordon Stables
Publisher: S. W. Partridge and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

A story which wanders from a Scotch glen over the entire surface of the globe. Its hero should have been made President of the Royal Geographical Society, for he had been in every place, among all people. Still, McAlpine has a Scotch heart and remembers in all his wanderings the land of brown heath and shaggy wood. He finds an American millionaire in possession of his native valley, turning it into a deer forest and driving out the people. By a happy accident McAlpine is able to eject the Yankee oppressor. What a pity the story is not true! We should not care to possess the curse which now rests on certain depopulators for all the stags that ever lifted their antlers on the heathery hills.

This is a striking book with a lot of Scotch talk in it and a fine selection of engravings illustrating highland scenery.