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The Riviera. With Numerous Illustrations.

Author: Hugh Macmillan
Publisher: J. S. Virtue and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

Friends who wish to see before them the whole length of the sunny south of France, drawn with pen and pencil, should secure this drawing room book. Some of the engravings are poor; but as for the letterpress, its writer needs no word of commendation; he is an acknowledged master of description. Perhaps he undertook too large a theme when he went in for the whole Riviera-too large, we mean, for the fullest notice of each place; but his work is one of the delights of the season; and everyone who has been in the region, or hopes to be there, should furnish himself with it. Our only quarrel with the doctor is that he allows a malicious sentence about Mentone to be quoted upon his page. Why not let the groans of a dying man die with him?