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Every-day Life; or, The Uneventful Journey

Author: C. H. Waller
Publisher: J. F. Shaw and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

Intense has been our enjoyment of the deep spiritual thought contained in this volume. We do not at all agree with Mr. Waller when he stands up for a State church; but he has a right to do so if he thinks fit, and we are sure he says nothing which will do the cause of religious equality any real harm. Apart from that little matter, we are at home with Mr. Waller in all things and feel greatly his debtor for leading us into rich pastures. This is no common book. Those who love solid Scriptural teaching and deep fellowship with God, will revel in these sermons. Our Sabbaths at Mentone were brightened with one of these holy meditations; we felt that we had seldom met with more satisfying food for thought. We hope to meet with this author again, for we like each of his books better than its predecessors.