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Hidden Depths; A Story of Cruel Wrong

Author: W. Shepherd Allen M.P. - Introduction by. . .
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

A terrible story; but our sorrowful observation during thirty years of London life causes us to believe that it is by no means overdrawn. Where the sins of young "gentlemen" are winked at and pour women alone are made to suffer the shame of sin, incalculable misery must follow. Sadly have we known even the most moral folk talk of young men as "sowing wild oats," and so forth; as if fornication on the part of their sons was a very natural and pardonable folly. We must rectify this and the age must be made to see unchastity on the part of men in the fair, truthful light, as being in every way as evil and in some respects more evil than the same offense in women. It is of little use to war against the foul unless we cultivate the pure. The subject is one which requires its bright and holy side to be daily cherished; but at the same time books of this kind which reveal the hidden things of darkness have their appropriate ministry. The tale is an unspeakable shillings worth.