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A Layman's Study of the English Bible

Author: Francis Bowen
Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin
Publish Date: 1886

Most of our readers no doubt have had their attention drawn to a series of articles in The Paul Mall Gazette on "the best hundred books," the first of which was written by Sir John Lubbock. The President of the Board of Trade expressed his surprise that "the Bible" was omitted from the Catalogue. Our American Essayist knew nothing of course, about the opinions of Lubbock, Chamberlain, Ruskin and others which had not been published when he drew up his review of the seventy six books compressed into a single volume in two parts-so small that it can be easily held in a man's hand-the Bible! (Rev. 10:2). He justly claims for this sacred volume a first place among the classics and makes the study of it essential to a liberal education, even from a literary and secular point of view. He writes originally for the alumni of Harvard College, U.S. and he publishes his compilation of well known facts and criticisms in this country for the benefit of our board schools.