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Doctrine and Doubt; or, Christ the Center of Christianity

Author: Samuel MacNaughton
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

The experimental proof of our holy religion is the best and most readily available. We worked this out in our "Clue of the Maze," in a brief argument; and Mr. MacNaughton has followed much the same line in these Sermon-Lectures. His work is elaborate and convincing; that is to say, convincing to the candid; but who can turn from their doubts those who resolve to disbelieve? We welcome all such aids to belief and trust that they will promote the end designed. But chiefly we look up to the Holy Spirit, and beseech him to create saving faith in men; for there is not upon the earth one grain of it which is not of his working and there never will be. More and more are we driven in upon the conviction that all who accept the truth are under a divine anointing and that while men remain in their natural blindness the clearest reasoning will never make them see.