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What I Believe

Author: Leon Tolstoy. Translated by Constantine Popoff
Publisher: Elliot Stock
Publish Date: 1886

Interesting as the notions of one who has thought out the religion of Jesus for himself from one side only. He has failed to grasp the doctrinal but he has sensibly touched the ethical portion of our most holy faith. That touch is true; but like that of a blind man, its sensitiveness does not supply the lack of sight. Tolstoi is a sort of Russian Quaker pushing matters much further than George Fox and having far less spiritual light; but equally self-contained, iconoclastic and world defying. We do not think that many of our readers will care for the Count's lucubrations; they are those of an honest but deeply wounded mind, sorely prejudiced by its sufferings. As their direction is quite contrary to the selfish policies of society, our author's opinions are not likely to make much headway; but if his errors are passed over the perusal of his book may nourish noble impulses in intelligent minds and so far do good. If the same opinions fall into the evil soil of a bitter mind, they will produce nothing but communism and anarchy.