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Golden Legends of the Olden Time

Author: John Stoughton
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

No one has had better opportunities than our friend, Dr. Stougthon for picking up all that is precious of legend from the heaps of rubbish hoarded by the lovers of tradition. He has come across these heaps in his researches into history and he has that judicial mind which is so greatly needed for separating the precious from the vile. Here he has gathered a treasury which reminds us of those romantic store houses at Constantinople, which were some months ago described in The Times by a favored individual who had peered into their secrets. Before us move the Wandering Jew, George and the Dragon, Christopher and all sorts of personages mythical, mystical, saintly and otherwise.  Many of these legends bear deeply instructive meanings on their foreheads and others can readily be turned into useful allegories. The Doctor has collected these ancient stories for the sake of his children, grandchildren and numerous friends. As one of the most favored of the last group we thank him heartily for this beautiful volume, which is in every way a gem.