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Conversation: Why don't we do more Good by it?

Author: G. S. Bowes
Publisher: Nisbet and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

An exceedingly useful book. All who talk should read it and learn how to talk well. Unconsecrated tongues are full of sin and mischief; but when the lips are perfumed with grace, they scatter a healthy fragrance all around. Mr. Bowes is a great gatherer of illustrations and hence his books are both rich and sweet; in no case have these two qualities been more eminently present than in this instance. Above all, there is a practical graciousness upon these pages which we feel sure will under the blessing of God's Spirit, be productive of the best results. If the teachings of this admirable treatise were generally carried out, our chats would be sanctified, our talks would be soul-saving and our conversations would become hallowed communions. We commend to our readers the two questions with which our author concludes; -

            Conversation: why don't we do more good by it?

            Conversation: why don't I do more good by it?