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The Seeking Savior and Other Bible Themes

Author: W. P. Mackay
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publish Date: 1886

We are glad to see that the widow of the late Dr. Mackay is so far able to continue her husband's work that she writes the preface to the present volume and undertakes the editorship of The British Evangelist. As is well known, "Grace and Truth" has been translated into several languages; and "The Seeking Savior," which consists of twenty studies is calculated to be equally useful. "The composition in many parts is blunt and homely." Remarks Mrs. Mackay. "One literary friend wrote regarding it' "It is difficult to prune without hurting the vigor; so, as we prefer having it in its native vigor we give it to you unpruned."

            Dr. Mackay lost his life by falling into the sea off Portree pier on the 19th of last August; and in a notice of his life and work it stated; "This shocking accident was more or less due to the abominable parsimony of the owners of the pier in not supplying protection and sufficient lighting. Such a disgraceful state of things cannot be too severely denounced and would not be tolerated for an instant by any English corporation. This is the sixth accident which has occurred at Portree during the last few years from the same cause."

            As an evangelist Dr. Mackay had few equals and his work will abide. The power he exercised over young men was especially remarkable.

            Watching the waves coming in on the shore a few evenings before his death, he remarked, "We follow one another to eternity like these; but I am ready." Referring to her bereavement, his widow says: "My dear husband has been called home in the prime of manhood. Just when he was preaching and enjoying God's truth as he never did before, the word goes forth, ‘Come up higher.' Let us not be selfish, but rejoice in his joy, of his Lord." His work, "The Seeking Savior," will prove the best possible memento of such a man.