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The World's Workers (series)

Author: n/a
Publisher: Cassell and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

Under this general title the enterprising firm at Belle Sauvage Yard issuing a series of popular biographies remarkable on the whole for their cheapness and general excellence. Though well printed and tastefully bound in cloth each volume containing 128 pages crown 8vo costs only a shilling; and hence they are among the cheapest books in the market. We do not profess to have read all of the fourteen volumes published but we have found some of them exhilarating reading; and we are pleased to find that so large a proportion of the narratives relate to those who were the world's workers in the best sense, namely, philanthropists and Christian exemplars, who will be held in lasting remembrance. Livingstone, George Muller, Andrew Reed, F.R. Havergal, Sir H. Havelock, George Moor, Sir Titus Salt and others are dealt with. Young people will read with profit the narratives relating to the brothers Stephenson, President Lincoln, and Richard Cobden. The volume we like least is that on Charles Dickens prepared expressly for the young. With this exception we heartily commend the whole set. The value of such a cheap series of well written biographies is a very great, especially at a time when education is so rapidly extending its empire.