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Our Rest-Day: Its Origin, History and Claims

Author: Thomas Hamilton
Publisher: James Gemmell
Publish Date: 1886

            No one can question the justice of the award which made this a Prize Essay. Other works may have been as good but none could have been better. It is as interesting as it is instructive and we give it our hearty praise. Writings upon the Sabbath are apt to be dull but Mr. Hamilton has quite escaped that fatal vice, and has produced a book which ought to be perused, for it possesses the power of retaining the reader when he once begins it. We like the pleas for ministers that they should not lose their weekly rest. The fact that traces of a seventh day, observed with reverence have been found in China and almost every other land is well brought out. The question of opening museums is temperately argued, and so is that of the Sunday closing of public houses. The suggestion that all Christians should avoid fine dinners on Sundays, which involve extra labor is one which ought not to be needed; for every Christian should think of this spontaneously.