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In the Bush and on the Trail / Salome

Author: M. Benedict Revoil / Emma Marshall
Publisher: T. Nelson and Sons
Publish Date: 1886

            These two books are specially adapted for birthday presents; one for boys the other for girls. The story of adventures in North America is by a distinguished Frenchman who found in the United States a field for sport; a menagerie of birds and beasts whose habits as hunter and trapper he could study in their native haunts; and a host of Niggers. Wild Indians and Redskins in prairie and savannah able and willing to entertain the "pale faces" with yarns as they sat round the campfires. No less than seventy wood cuts give an additional charm to the volume.

            "Salome" is the lively heroine of a lively tale. The possibilities of quiet heroism in domestic life are well defacing tragedy without yielding to fear, sustaining the spirits of a disconsolate mother and of brothers beset with temptation are well related. Perhaps! (we really do not know so we say perhaps!) perhaps there are phases of faith and fortitude which can be better described in stories than in sermons.