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His Grandfather's Bible. A Tale of Furness Fells

Author: C. W. Bardsley
Publisher: Home Words
Publish Date: 1886

An admirable story for our friends of the Church of England. Nonconformists will find so much in it of Common Prayer, Collects, Christening, and Clergy, that they will not care for it. These things are right enough in books written for Episcopalians and our regret is that many Dissenting writers do not show their colors as boldly as these Conforming writers do. Still, we must admit that the thing can be overdone; and we are not sure that it is not so in this instance. At any rate, so much sectarian peculiarity must limit the influence of the book by restricting it to one set of readers. We can only say that the story is good, and that it will be best enjoyed by those for whom it is evidently intended, namely strict Episcopalians of the Evangelical school.