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The History of the Scottish Nation. Vol. 1

Author: J. A. Wylie
Publisher: Hamilton, Adams and Co.
Publish Date: 1886

            Dr. Wylie will be as much renowned for his "History of the Scottish Nation" as for his "History of Protestantism". Both works are written on the same lines and are battering rams against the Church of Rome. This may seem to be a singular statement so far as it refers to Scottish history; but the reader will soon see that it is emphatically true. The separate and independent church life of Scotland which was traceable to Iona was vigorous in Caledonia long before a Romish missionary came hither with his claims of Popish supremacy and our author is doing great service to coming ages in making this clear to all candid minds. History has too long been written by the enemy and then endorsed by common use. All history needs rewriting; it should be done impartially if possible; but we have long enough put up with it in the worst form of part pleading.


            This promises to be a noble work. Every Scotchman should read it. This first volume scarcely reaches to authoritative history, but feels its way through the non-recorded periods and closes before it reaches even so measurably near a period as that of our Saxon Alfred. We began to read it and we could not lay down the book; it held us firmly and demanded of us that we should hear it tell its tale even to the end. We yielded and we advise our readers to do the same. We do not know how many volumes will be required to complete the work, but the next one will present the charming subjects of Patrick, Columba, &c.