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Free Books » Chauncy, Charles » Letter to George Wishart Concerning the State of Religion in New England

Letter to George Wishart Concerning the State of Religion in New England by Chauncy, Charles

In 1742, George Wishart wrote to Mr Charles Chauncy, a long-time minister in Boston and a man of known Christian experience and stable doctrine. George Whitefield was just arriving in Scotland and Mr Wishart sought the opinion of the well-regarded and balanced Chauncy. This work is Chauncy's response. Predictably, those who read it, even today, will generally either find it entirely objectionable and against the Lord's doings in the Great Awakening, or entirely to be applauded. In all probability, Chauncy, while generally exhibiting a sound and genuine concern, could easily be seen as quelling genuine, well-led enthusiastic response to the Gospel. At the same time, he was one of the few earnest evangelicals to voice concern over what was, which was admitted by many participants later, surely an overly sensual affair in many quarters.