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Free Books » Habershon, Ada R » The Strong Man Spoiled

The Strong Man Spoiled by Habershon, Ada R

Published circa 1908, this is a most fascinating piece of history regarding the early Pentecostal movement. From our present vantage, the work itself can appear as bordering on absurdity. It is extremely interesting to read and surely serves as a warning to us today. With a perceived spiritual crisis at hand, usually sane and reasonably able students of the word such as James Gray and Ada Habershon leave all sense of Biblical propriety and advocate the most bizarre demonic ramblings as authoritative truth for the times. The many 'predictions' of the demon, such as the downfall of the tongues movement if he were vanquished, proved to be undeniably false, as the predictions of a demon should be expected to be. Regardless of ones position on the issue of tongues handled in the pamphlet, we learn in this real-life parable the importance of looking calmly on the testimony of truth rather than becoming mired, as is horribly demonstrated here, in the mire of subjective experience.