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Caryl, Joseph. Practical Observations Upon the Book of Job


Originally published in the mid-17th century, Caryl's work is a monolithic achievement, even by Puritan standards. His exegesis is lengthy, meaty, and timeless. There are many thoughts and applications in Caryl's work that cannot be found elsewhere.

In the nineteenth-century, an abridgement of Caryl's work appeared, but how one can skillfully reduce twelve octavo volumes into a single work of nearly 200 pages is something of a mystery. Spurgeon said it best: “We do not believe in an abridgment of a book which is good throughout. Think of twelve large volumes condensed into one small one! An ox in a gallipot [a small jar used to hold medicines] is nothing to it”

Cotton Mather considered Caryl absolutely necessary for any pastoral or personal study library, locating it firmly in the ranks of other 'standard' works like Jeremiah Burroughs on Hosea, John Owen on Hebrews and William Greenhill on Ezekiel. 

The price is dear, but the spiritual delicacies offered here are of the choicest sort. Mr. Spurgeon had it quite correct: Caryl must have inherited the patience of Job to have completed his stupendous task. It would be a mistake to suppose that he is at all prolix or redundant; he is only full. In the course of his expounding he has illustrated a very large portion of the whole Bible with great clearness and power. He is deeply devotional and spiritual. He gives us much, but none too much. His work can scarcely be superseded or surpassed.

This new edition is photolithographed from the original 17th century editions and contains a massive textual index, newly collated, with some 6500+ references, forming a virtual commentary on the whole of Scripture! 

Quite limited quantities of this title remain.

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