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Morgan, Aeron. The Biblical Testing of Teachings...


Both proponents and skeptics of the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements will find a voice of wisdom, charity and, above all, truth in the work of Mr. Morgan.  Born in Wales, he now enjoys the wisdom and retrospective clarity gleaned from nearly 50 years of Pentecostal ministry, serving in pastoral roles as well as having been the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Britain and the Principal of Commonwealth Bible College in Australia. He is nowfulfilling an itinerant ministry in both churches and pastoral conferences and is a regular visiting faculty member at the South Pacific Bible College in Fiji.

The aim of the work is evident enough and is carried out with great enthusiasm, love and force.  Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity must come to grips with an ever-widening gap between the Scriptures and the  popular theology of both its ministers and laypeople as well as an explosion of unchecked, unaccountable ministries and 'miracles' taking place in their midst.  

377pp. Bound in woven cloth with dustjacket. Printed on acid-free natural paper and smyth-sewn for durability.  Contents include:

Foreword by Dr. Andrew Davies of Mattersey Hall

Apostate Conditions in the Professing Church

A Plea for Fidelity to the Divine Call in Ministry

A Four-fold Requirement for All Believers

Practical Steps to Judging Manifestations

The Impediment of Ignorance and Immaturity

The Peril of All that is False

The Biblical Injunction to Judge All Things

The Reasons for Sound Judgment

Counterfeit Manifestations

Contending Earnestly for the Faith

Lying Signs and Wonders

The Curse of Neo-Pentecostalism

Defensible Tests in Determining Truth

The Test of Scriptural Endorsement

The Test of Spiritual Effectiveness

The Test of Instinctive Witness

The Test of Divine Motivation

The Test of Uninfluenced Fulfillment

The Test of Personal Credibility

The Test of Controlled Expression

Good Men can be Wrong

Distinguishing Marks of False Teachers by Thomas Brooks

Thomas Brooks, John Collins and the Puritans

And more!

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